Mosquito Erreà


LSD: Photo, Post, CGI

Agency: Mosquito
Client: Erreà
Marketing Manager: Fernando Affinita
Creative Director: Vincenzo Vigo
Creative Director/Art: Maria Piccinini
Copy: Leonardo Manzini, Lorenzo Vittorini
Art senior: Alessandro Cirillo

Mosquito Erreà

LSD has just delivered yet another exiting integrated campaign with 4 sill visuals and a video.

The Italian sportswear brand Errea has launched this brand new campaign in view of the Football World Cup scheduled for this summer.

The Errea sportswear company was founded thirty years ago as an angel by Angelo Gandolfi and since 2003 is also an official sponsor of the Icelandic football team. 2018 has therefore become an opportunity to revive the brand. What the campaign shows is a typical element of the forces of nature in Iceland, the bursting force of geysers, whose energy sprouts a generation of players from the bowels of the Earth, powerful and ready to face any challenge. The spectacular effect of the players is underlined by their athletic gestures of particular plasticity, giving the campaign both a sporty and epic appeal. The claim: “The Legends Were Born Without Warning”  sums up the campaign message and pays tribute to a team that in a few years has conquered it’s place of prominence in the international football scene. The campaign is scheduled in several European countries with a video and 4 press visuals. 

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