CheBanca! – National Theatre


Client: CheBanca!
Agency: DLV BBDO
Creative Directors: Davide Fiori, Valentina Amenta
Art: Matteo Segat
Copy: Gianluca Nocaro

Photo: LSD
Post: LSD


Commissioned by DLV BBDO, this ‘Welcome’ animation was made for Teatro Nazionale CheBanca!’s foyer. The agency pulled LSD in, asking our team to reinterpret the original printed layout and to craft an animated video based on it. As you might have guessed by now, we eagerly accepted the task.


Animation: The Photoshop PSD representing the original layout was imported into AfterEffect and then postproduced by LSD team. We also took care of compositing and all the steps regarding 3D animation. Most of our work was focused on the interaction between the light of the exclamation mark shaped neon and the floor. All the different elements were then composited into this animation and successfully delivered to the client.

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